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Excerpts From YAHWEH's Word Preached to Victory Congregation

As we listen to Pastor Roberts preach, our hearts are pricked and we continue to think upon YAHWEH's Word;

We are headed toward one of the most cataclysmic mayhems upon the face of the earth and you are going to have to know the one that you call upon. He had better be more than just a god; you had better know this KING of KINGS ABBA YAHWEH that you can literally call on HIM, to expect HIM to answer you.

The truth of YAHWEH will liberate a man, that he is free from every power of darkness and sin so that he can walk in that knowledge. When he walks in that knowledge he is a new creature, his mind is new, his desire and his heart are new. The newness of light will bring forth the illumination of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH, for HE must be exalted in the earth, HE must be lifted up, for if HE be lifted up HE will draw all men unto HIM.

We have walked in a religious mindset. There has not been a power and authority with us at all. We can speak from our own hypocrisy and declare our own righteousness but it has not came by the righteousness of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH.

If we belong to KING YAHWEH then there must be a seal upon us that we are sealed with, that the kings of this earth may know that we are the property or authenticity of YAHWEH's people.

There is only one lord and Satan is the master and ruler of man's flesh, for that is why he offered MESSIYAH all the kingdoms of the world to just bow down and worship him.

YAHWEH has not left us alone for us to prescribe a method of how we will get to heaven. HE has given us a method; it is in scripture, the Word of YAHWEH. So if you go beyond that or reject it, then you reject HIM.

Revelation 10:7 There will be no doubt about YAHWEH in that day, every man shall know WHO HE is, for they all shall declare HIS NAME and declare the power of HIS excellency, for the mystery of YAHWEH shall be no more. You will know the power and the price that your sins will cause you to pay.

YAHWEH wants HIS people to call upon HIS NAME with a loud distinct voice and sincerely cry out to HIM knowing that HE is able to do all things. There is no power of darkness or contingency of hell that can overpower the mighty anointing of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. HE does not want us to call upon HIM in the privacy of our heart or our thoughts; HE literally wants us to call upon HIM.

Acts 19:8 When a man receives the anointing of YAHWEH the scales will be loosed from his eyes and the fleshly way he saw will fall away. The anointing of YAHWEH will allow us to see and understand truth, to receive the power of HIS truth, to liberate our souls that we may walk in the light.  

As it was with Judas, he was called to be a disciple yet he lost his bishopric and it was given to another. In this end time hour do not let your bishopric be given to another.

The prophets of old searched for this mighty yeshua that would appear unto man. They longed to see the honour of the manifestation of YAHWEH in flesh. 

Why do you think Eve moved away from the ABBA, it was simple words that moved her out of the presence of YAHWEH?

YAHWEH has made HIMSELF visible unto us in the pages of HIS truth, in our inward parts, down in our souls. HE has made HIMSELF alive in us that HE will not leave us comfortless.

We must begin to understand it is a small thing for YAHWEH to supply with money and things of that nature; for we must realize that is not the most important thing that HE wants for HIS people. HE wants the truth to fill our hearts and soul whereby we will abandon everything in this life to see and apprehend the jewel of that pearl of truth.

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