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Excerpts From YAHWEH's Word Preached to Victory Congregation

Blessed is he that reads and takes diligent heed to do YAHWEH's Commandment and Law

The congregation of YAHWEH is the separated, called out elect. They are separated from Egypt and the things of the world that causes one to prostitute, or to sell the wares of YAHWEH for a sensual satisfaction for the moment.

The seed of an apostate, adulteress whore deludes the mind to made one think that they can live separate from the Word of YAHWEH and do what they want to do.

YAHWEH in this hour is gathering HIS people from among the heathen, for that is the only way that HE is going to save them.

YAHWEH, through the mighty hope of MESSIYAH YAHSHUA the LAMB, YOU have caused the hearts of YOUR people to be inspired with the hope beyond what they can see or even their comprehension.

Man has construed the Commandment and changed the Law of YAHWEH to make them satisfying unto the carnal mind.

We begin to incorporate all of those pagan identities and things that we have learned from every kind of vile corrupt way, then we think that we can bring that before YAHWEH to give up a righteous offering. It cannot be and YAHWEH shall not receive it.

YAHWEH gives us HIS seven spirits, so we may reach the complete measure of fullness, which enables us to battle against the seven spirits of darkness.

YAHWEH is trying to lead us into one place and that is a profound worship of HIS people, that will acknowledge HIM and exalt HIM in all things.

We must decrease and move out of the way our traditions, the law of our flesh and will, that the Law of righteousness may have power and strength in our lives. Then and only then can we be equipped with the anointing of YAHWEH to press against the opposition of hell that should try us. That is why we falter and fall at the least little thing, we have no strength or power to oppose the powers of hell because we resist the Commandments of YAHWEH.

We as the saints of YAHWEH do not need any man to teach us, for when we truly get the fire of YAHWEH's spirit, the power and the anointing, HIS spirit will teach us all things. YAHWEH has always intended the teach HIS children, to impart HIS spirit into them that they have need of nothing but HIM. Yet if you will not hear the blood of the SON speak, you are not going to hear when YAHWEH speaks unto you.

YAHWEH calls HIS people the Remnant, they are scattered thorough out the world and they do not go by any title.

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