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Excerpts From YAHWEH's Word
Preached to Victory Congregation

Hear the Word of YAHWEH,
you that tremble at HIS Word;

Above all things we need the ability to hear and that YAHWEH gives us that understanding of HIS truth, so that we rely upon it with everything that is within us, to trust HIM. We must trust HIM. We say that we do trust YAHWEH, but our hearts do not show forth that type of trust. 

There is one true sign of a virtuous woman, also of the assembly of YAHWEH today, that is a willingness of heart to obey and keep the Commandment of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH.

YAHWEH wants out of HIS people a consistence to do what HE says without opposing. 

There must be in this hour men of integrity and strength, purity and purpose of heart that YAHWEH will speak by the profoundness of this written word. That his heart may be opened unto the truth that that he may speak thus sayeth YAHWEH. The revelation of that truth is imparted into the hearts of the people that they become alive in the hope of that revealed truth, which are the strength and the power of the kingdom of YAHWEH. We need that and that is why there are many sick and weakly today. They have no strength, for the truth is all that we need. The truth makes us free, it must simply be revealed unto us and it only comes by the life of the spirit.

We today in all of our collective power, have no power in the natural sense to withstand the forces of hell. We do that by the Law and the power of YAHWEH, which is HIS Word.

The beauty of love is not in the flesh. It is not in the curvature of your body or the masculinity of your shape. It is in the power and anointing of the one that is love dwelling in you that gives you the power and strength to love. Herein is love, not that we loved HIM, but that YAHWEH first loved us. Until you can understand the principle of that love you can never love and you do not even understand love. 

YAHWEH did not give us religion; HE gave us life and light. That is what MESSIYAH is; HE is the light of these earthen vessels that we dwell in. YAHWEH cannot emulate any form of darkness at all. Any time that you sense any kind of darkness at all there is a corrupt nature of flesh manifesting there. It is not the light, the life and the truth of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. 

We need the mind and spirit of YAHWEH, for once a man truly is empowered with that anointing, he will not sin. Because we have denied the ABBA (FATHER)  the heart of man is searching for every kind of spirituality that there is. Do you understand why they use that word, spirituality?  Anything without the life of the spirit is dead. It is the spirit that gives animation and life.  

Judgment is the just reward and the just decision that YAHWEH has already made. Judge before you allow anything to enter into your mind. This is the warning unto the house of YAHWEH, you start at the gate, you do not allow it to enter into the gate of your heart, you do not allow it to enter into the gate of your perception or the gate of your thinking.

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