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Excerpts From YAHWEH's Word
Preached to Victory Congregation

Prophesy upon these bones, and say unto them,
O you dry bones, hear the Word of YAHWEH

Religion is a fad. It only lasts for awhile. It does not satisfy or soothe the soul. Our only hope and comfort is in the Word of YAHWEH.

We need not be like the five foolish virgins that did not have enough oil for the journey. What is the oil? It is your faith in ALMIGHTY YAHWEH to let HIM govern every aspect of your life.

The more you obey YAHWEH the more you will rely upon HIM and the more you rely upon HIM you will have confidence. You know HE will not forsake you, HE will not leave you and in the midst of your trying troubled times you will know that there is an assurance there.

You will know when you are walking in the way that you should go  (YAHWEH's way) when your flesh has no control to remove you from that way. There is an assurance of strength from the inward parts, that comes by the spirit, that gives you the power and anointing to propel or cast yourself beyond the flesh and the rule of it. 

A sign of an apostle is one that gets their anointing and commands straight from ALMIGHTY YAHWEH, because they trust in the hope of YAHSHUA.

Once the Word of YAHWEH goes out it is not finished. It has a course to go. The Word of YAHWEH continuously brings us into the pathway of righteousness.

Our only assurance that we are Sons of YAHWEH is that we are led by the Spirit of YAHWEH. If a man is not truly led by the Spirit of YAHWEH then he is going to be led by his own ways. All of a man's ways seem right in his own eyes.

It is necessary for our lives to be governed and that we know the ONE that governs us. As we allow YAHWEH to govern us HE will create in us a soundness, a completion that is incorruptible.

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