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Excerpts From YAHWEH's Word
Preached to Victory Congregation

Know That YAHWEH Hath SetApart HIM That Is Righteous For HIMSELF

SetApart Pureness is a mindset, character and a heart that is SetApart from the desires of the world. It is SetApart for one thing and that is to exude the ABBA (FATHER), to bless HIM, to worship HIM, to praise and acknowledge HIM. It is the fullness of YAHWEH's power.  

When a man walks in the power of the Spiritual Law of YAHWEH he will do just what the Scripture says.

The Spiritual Law of YAHWEH brings about that power and the ability to resist darkness. 

YAHSHUA said that the power and the authority whereby I speak these things and the way that I walk come from ABBA YAHWEH.

YAHWEH has revealed HIS simple truth and mysteries unto a people that are certainly not worthy of this truth.

The darkness in the world today is so great that the SetApart Ones of YAHWEH should shine as a blinding light. Your spirit can be dead, but if you will allow YAHWEH to fill you HE will bring forth life.

The world will say that YAHWEH hates the deeds of the wicked, but YAHWEH says that HE hates the workers of iniquity.

There are many ways that man is trying to portray this mighty plan of YAHWEH, and it is causing so many to go into many different ways of error.

The Holy Spirit has an administration and power that must function in the midst of the assembly and the congregation today!

YAHWEH concentrated the SetApart (Holy) Spirit in that little town of Yerusalem that day that the witness would be so profound that the whole world would know of the great power that was revealed and made known in the body of believers.

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