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Excerpts From YAHWEH's Word
Preached to Victory Congregation

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear YAHWEH, and keep HIS commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

The counsel of YAHWEH is HIS instruction, Word of faith, HIS TORAH that HE has spoken unto men by HIS Scriptures.

There is a great battle against any man of YAHWEH that stands and speaks integrity and truth unto YAHWEH's people.

You cannot know the power of YAHWEH unless you begin to understand the truth of HIS Law and commandments.

The sufficiency of YAHWEH's power, which is the revelation of MESSIYAH YAHSHUA the LAMB, is more than enough to carry you through trials and tribulations that combat your mind and spirit.

 If you say that it does not make any difference what name you baptize in, then why not be baptized in the name of Satan or Allah?

For the saving of your soul and the assurance, hear the Word of truth, for once you hear, you are responsible from that moment.

Through YAHWEH's Word, HE is preparing us for the onslaught of spiritual wickedness, that our hearts will be guarded from these evil wicked things of this hour.

In any preparation you must give your heart, mind and spirit over unto that, that you may have the strength and the spirit to endure the consequences or the trials of that endeavor.

We must begin to prepare our hearts to separate ourselves from the seductive powers that draw us by our emotionalism and feelings to whereby we participate in the pagan things, not fearing the wrath and the consequences of YAHWEH. 

MESSIYAH was anointed of YAHWEH with a profound power, the strength and the knowledge of the kingdom of YAHWEH so that it was openly revealed unto the House of Israel, the lost sheep.

YAHWEH reveals HIMSELF unto HIS people in the mighty expo of HIS Scriptural truth and that is where the power of the saints of YAHWEH is.

This is the simple process to getting into that place whereby you can hear what the spirit of YAHWEH is speaking unto HIS house. What you must do, by the drawing of the spirit of YAHWEH, you must repent, convert and receive HIS anointing, that HE may change your mind, by imparting the mind of YAHSHUA in you. 

YAHWEH has called those to the priestly office; which is to administer HIS government, that the Law is kept in the hearts of men and that they obey the commandments of YAHWEH, which is truth.

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