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Excerpts From YAHWEH's Word
Preached to Victory Congregation

This then is the message which we have heard of YAHWEH, and declare unto you, that YAHWEH is light, and in YAHWEH is no darkness at all.

YAHWEH intends for man to use HIS NAME to acknowledge HIM in all things that HE may receive the honour and praise.

The flesh despises the TORAH, nor can it express WHOM ABBA YAHWEH is, that is why it must be impaled and destroyed.

YAHSHUA MESSIYAH was the power of YAHWEH's eternal hope and HE brought forth the expression of the Word in flesh to show us the way through that hope.

YAHWEH's Commandments are codes and principles of wisdom that when a man walks in these practical applications, by the power of faith through YAHSHUA MESSIYAH, he can walk in the power of ABBA YAHWEH's truth.

YAHSHUA MESSIYAH, for us, took care of all the ceremonial laws and things that hinder us and prevent us from the power of YAHWEH's truth operating fully in our hearts.

YAHSHUA MESSIYAH has raised us from the cauldron of sin and brought us alive, to set us apart for the service and the will of our ABBA YAHWEH.

The strength of the message of YAHSHUA MESSIYAH is the resurrection. It is not the strength of getting caught up, but it is the strength of getting up, as YAHWEH brought MESSIYAH up out of the grave.

Fruit is what comes forth, the product and the extension of YAHWEH. Without fruit the HUSBANDMAN is going to cut and cast into hell to be burned.

There is only one purpose of YAHWEH's TORAH and that is to bring man into the presence, the knowledge and the power of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH.

When YAHWEH speaks to our hearts, it reveals the hidden things that bring about death and destruction that give hell strength and wickedness power, for the power of YAHWEH's light opens HIS light to our heart.

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