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Scripture Readings by Paul Johnson

We now have MP3 Sacred Name Scriptures reading of a large part of them done by Paul Johnson. Work is still in progress and will be made available as soon as possible. Please pray for Paul so that he is able to complete them. Please note that this is a different version of the Scriptures with YAHWEH, Elohim and YAHSHUA. Please note that these are very large files and will take time to download to your system where you can unzip them and play them on your computer or mp3 player. They are free public domain and are not to be bought or sold. Enjoy!

Here is a list of all the MP3 books that are completed and are in Zip files, ether by Books or sections. The mp3 will be linked to each chapter in the Scripture section. More will be coming soon.

Please note that all the scriptures are numbered so that they are in the same order of the Scripture

The first five Books Torah

Genesis -The First Book Of Moses Called Bereshith

Exodus - The Second Book Of Moses Called Shemoth

Leviticus - The Third Book Of Moses Torah Called Wayyiora

Numbers - The Fourth Book Of Moses Torah Called Bemidbar

Deuteronomy - The Fifth Book Of Moses Called Debarim

MP3 827meg zip audio file of the first five books of the "Sacred Name Scriptures" read by Paul Johnson

Prophets, Judges and Writings

Joshua - Yahshua Ben Nun

Judges, the executors of YAHWEH’s judgments - Shophetim

Ruth - The Testate of Ruth The Moabite

1 Shemuel - 1 Samuel The Judge

2 Shemuel - 2 Samuel The Judge

1 Melakim - 1 Kings

2 Melakim - 2 Kings

1 Dibre Hayamim - 1 Chronicles

2 Dibre Hayamim - 2 Chronicles

1 Ezra - 1 Esdras

Nehimiyah - Nehemiah

Ester - Esther

Yoel - Joel and Obadiyah - Obadiah

Yonah - Jonah

Nachum - Nahum 

Zephaniyah - Zephaniah

Chaggay - Haggai 

Zechariyah - Zechariah 

Malachyah - Malachi 

MP3 825meg zip audio file from Joshua to Esther and the miner Prophets

 New Readings of Scriptures by  Paul as of 2015

Jeremiah - YarameYah

Ezekiel - Yehezqel

Ecclesiastes - Kohetet

Isaiah - Yeshayah

Lamentations - Ekhah

Daniel - Dani'El

Hosea - Hoshea

Amos - Amoz

Micah - Mikah

Habakkuk - Chabakook

MP3 of all the new ten readings above by Paul as of 2015


The Brit HaHadasha New Covenant, New Testament

Book of Matthew - Mattityahu -  MP3 Zip

Book of Mark - Markus - MP3 Zip

Book of Luke - Lukas - MP3 Zip

Book of John - Yochanan - MP3 Zip

Book of Acts - Maaseh Shlichim - MP3 Zip

Book of Romans - Romiyah - MP3 Zip

Book of Corinthians 1&2 - Qorintyah - MP3 Zip

Book of Galatians - Galutyah - MP3 Zip

Book of Ephesians - Ephsiyah - MP3 Zip

Book of Philippians - Phylypsiyah - MP3 Zip

Book of Colossians - Qolesayah - MP3 Zip

Book of Thessalonians 1&2 - Tesloniqyah - MP3 Zip

Book of Timothy 1&2 - Timothiyah - MP3 Zip

Book of Titus - Teitus - MP3 Zip

Book of Philemon - Phileymon - MP3 Zip

Book of Hebrews - Ibrim - MP3 Zip

Book of James - Yaacob - MP3 Zip

Book of Peter 1&2 - Kepha - MP3 Zip

Book of John 1,2&3 - Yochanan - MP3 Zip

Book of Jude - Yahudah - MP3 Zip

Book of Revelation - Gilyahna - MP3 Zip


MP3 982meg zip audio file of the Brit HaHadasha Renewed Covenant - Matthew to Revelation


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Posted by cecil allen on
i love you readings brother, and was wondering if you have Yeshayahu and yermiyahu finished, i cant seem to find them
Posted by solomon on
i really love the translated name of the most high that is YAHWEH the true name. By the way am from Ghana
Posted by Mervin Virtucio on
We must now standing in the truth about the facts of the Bible
Posted by Jean McDaris on
Hello Brother Johnson,
Do you have all the scriptures from your translation?
I am looking for Ezekiel chapter 37
Yahweh Bless you!
Posted by Yedayah Bartholomew on
Could not wait for this to happen . Bro Paul is amazing.
Posted by PETER AMEH on
Good day, God bless you and your work of love for the body, this is my first time taking things from your work to read and listen. I know I will be blessed and enriched in knowledge. I will get back to you on my experiences in the days ahead.

Posted by malinda on
are you going to be doing psalm (tehillim) and proverbs (mishle) as well?
Posted by Keith Paul on
Thank you Bro. Paul for this.It is so important to have the right Name in the scriptures.Yahweh bless you.
Posted by Goran on
Awesome, praise YAHUVEH God! Thank you so much for putting in such a blessed effort for the Kingdom of YAH! May HE bless you for your hard work in YAHUSHUA's Name!
Posted by Rev Alexander Meek on
An answer to prayer. I love Yahweh’s real names and have been desperate for audio scriptures using his real names. It is like music to ones spirit. Very well presented, easy to listen to. Suggest you make it available for I-Phones also. May Yahweh bless you greatly.
Posted by Mrs.Wiggins on
HalaluYAH! Thank you for your obedience, that is now the BELOVED and MOST POWERFUL NAME I call HIM and starting to wonder why people say that Moses changed YAHSHUA to YAHUSHA and that YAHWEH is YAHUAH? Deep in my hheart I know the true NAMES and THEIR NAMES are what it has always been, I remember long ago when I was little YAHWEH was literally shown in the old testament and now the Bible has omitted THEIR TRUE HEBREW NAMES so we would not notice it. Evil will never conquer and righteous always win. I love how the TRUTH came out. May ABBA YAHWEH continue to use you!
Posted by Joie on
Thank you very much
Posted by ERIN L HUNTER on
Blessed be The Name of YHVH for His obedient servant, Paul may YHVH be with you in all you do!!!
Thanks for your diligence!
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