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The Torah: The First Five Book Of Mosheh

Bereshith - Genesis, Shemoth - Exodus, Wayiqra - Leviticus, Bemidbar Numbers, Debarim - Deuteronomy.

The reading of the Torah  has always constituted the core of the synagogue ritual. For this ceremony, which was also in the past a form of study, only parchment Torah scrolls in good condition, and written in a special decorative Hebrew hand, may be used. Until the Middle Ages, only those synagogues which adhered to the Babylonian rite finished the reading of the Torah in one year; those adhering to the so-called Palestinian rite allowed a three-year period for its completion. The cycle is completed, and a new one begun, on the day following the conclusion of the Feast of Tabernacles, the day known as Simhath Torah, "the (Day of) Rejoicing in the Torah".  (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Bereshith - Genesis

Shemoth - Exodus

Wayiqra - Leviticus

Bemidbar Numbers

Debarim - Deuteronomy

The MP3 audio of the first five books of the "Book Of YAHWEH" read by Paul Johnson
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