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2009 Sermon Message Library

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The Elements Of The Trust Of YAHWEH

There are Elements Of The Trust Of YAHWEH that Pastor goes into and asks the question, Does YAHWEH put trust in man? If so are we also to trust one another?

YAHSHUA Came Not To Send Shalom On Earth But A Sword

On the 04/11/2009 Pastor Roberts preached a sermon on the "YAHSHUA Came Not To Send Shalom On Earth But A Sword"

Diligently Seek YAHWEH

A sermon on "Diligently Seeking YAHWEH" by pastor Roberts on 05/30/2009 and part 2 on 06/06/2009.

Man - What Is He?

Pastor Roberts goes into the question: Man - What Is He?

Need No Man To Teach You

Sermon Preached By Pastor David Roberts on the 03/14/09 on the response "I need no man to teach me" and the miss use of Scripture.

YAHWEH Knows The Way Yisrael Takes (Part 2)

Pastor David Roberts goes into greater detail on "YAHWEH Knows The Way Yisrael Takes" on his conclusion. Preached 03/11/2009.

The Weightier Matters Of YAHWEH

What are the weightier matters Of YAHWEH? Pastor uses Scripture to answer this question. Preached on 03/07/2009.

Yisrael Tried and Examined Of YAHWEH

Pastor Roberts goes into detail on how Yisrael is tried and examined of YAHWEH that we will come through to the end as pure gold.

YAHWEH Gives The Ruach To Those That Obey HIM

Upon whom is Ha Kodesh Ruach bestowed? In his deliberate manner, Pastor Roberts expresses to Yisrael the answer from Scripture. Many believe through erroneous teachings that the Ruach Of YAHWEH is received by the demonstrative foolishness of the world's worship methods, but it is not so. It can only be received by obeying ABBA YAHWEH. 08/05/2009

The Beauty Of Weeping Before YAHWEH

A question was posed to Pastor Roberts "Is it wrong to weep?" What many may not realize is that YAHWEH our Heavenly ABBA sees our weeping as beauty. 07/29/09

Yisrael Must Attain the Excellency of YAHWEH

Pastor Roberts goes into detail on how "Yisrael Must Attain the Excellency of YAHWEH" from the Scriptures.

Help and Succor One Another

Pastor Roberts preaching on the importance of "Help and Succor One Another"