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They that are lead by the Ruach are the Sons of YAHWEH

2010 MP3 Sermon Message Library

You may listen or download from these links. May YAHWEH Barak you and prepare and strengthen your heart in your search for the truth. For narrow is the way and few be that find it. This is not for the faint in heart. Shalom.


01-02-10 Yacob's Trouble Upon Yisrael Little By Little

01-06-10 The Kingdom Mindset Produces The Wisdom Of YAHWEH

01-09-10 The Patterns, Examples In Scriptures For Yisrael

01-16-10 Yahshua The Image Of YAHWEH's Reflection In Torah

01-28-10 Confidence In An Unfaithful Man In Time Of Trouble

01-30-10 Yisrael Must Prepare Make Preparation For The Battle

02-03-10 The Torah Healing Soundness Of Mind

02-06-10 Prepare Our Mind To Sow In The Fruits Of The Torah

02-13-10 Love Your Neighbor (Friend) As Yourself - Part 1

02-17-10 Love Your Neighbor (Friend) As Yourself - Part 2

02-20-10 How Does Yisrael Choose The Wisdom Of YAHWEH
by Deacon Bennie

02-27-10 He That Trust YAHWEH Shall Never Suffer Loss

03-03-10 The Hidden Treasure Of Yahshua Revealed In Yisrael

03-06-10 An Understanding Heart The Discernment Of YAHWEH's Counsel

03-10-10 The Etymology Of Words Defined In The Torah Of YAHWEH

03-13-10  Yisrael Have Built Their High Walls Of Iniquity Against YAHWEH

03-17-10 The Ruach Of Truth The Guidance Of YAHWEH

03-20-10 Sound The Shofar Of Warning To The House Of Yisrael

03-24-10 The Mind Of Yisrael Must Be Made Ready Prepared

03-27-10 YAHWEH Warns Yisrael To Repentance Return Back

03-31-10 The Outer Man Wars Against The Inner Man The Ruach - Part 1
by Pastor Lewis

04-01-10 The Outer Man Wars Against The Inner Man The Ruach - Part 2
by Pastor Lewis

04-03-10 The Wrath Of YAHWEH Reveled Against All Unrighteousness - Part 1

04-10-10 The Wrath Of YAHWEH Reveled In The Lamb YAHSHUA - Part 2

04-05-10 Yahshua The Passover Died For All One Time
by Deacon Horne

04-17-10 Guard The Way To YAHWEH The Tree Of Life

04-21-10 These Light Afflictions Are But For A Moment

04-24-10 Happy Are They That Hear And Keep YAHWEH Commandments

04-28-10 Yisrael Ability To Wait With Patience Rest In YAHWEH

05-01-10 YAHWEH Shall Smite Yisrael With The Word Of HIS Mouth

05-05-10 The Word Of YAHWEH A Sharp Sword In The Mouth

05-09-10 YAHWEH Desires Truth In The Inward Parts Of Yisrael

05-12-10 In Trails Choose YAHWEH's Judgment
by Deacon Bennie

05-15-10 The Seed and Circumcision Of YAHWEH
by Deacon Horne

05-22-10 The First Fruits Of Yisrael Must Be Ready Pentecost
by Deacon Horne

05-22-10 Yisrael Must Enter Into The Promise The Word Of YAHWEH

05-29-10 Broad Is The Way Strive To Enter In The Strait Gate

06-02-10 YAHWEH Upbraids Yisrael For Their Hardness And Belief

06-04-10 Drawn Near To Wickedness Gone Afar Off From The Torah Of YAHWEH

06-09-10 Yahshua The Testimony The Sure Word Of Prophecy

06-12-10 Man More Precious Than The Fine Gold Of Ophir

06-19-10 They Repented Not From Their Wicked Deeds

06-23-10 Yisrael Must Stay I The Way
by Deacon Bennie 

06-26-10 The Powers Of Darkness And The Order Of The Kingdom That We Wrestle Against
- Part 1

07-03-10 Lucifer The Prince Of The Power Of The Air That We War Against
- Part 2

07-07-10 A Form Of The Form Of YAHSHUA
by Deacon Horne

07-10-10 The Great Dragon The Prince Of The Power Of The Air After Remnant Of The Seed
- Part 3

07-17-10 Seven Spirits Of YAHWEH Or Seven Unclean Spirits Of Satan

07-24-10 The Seven Pillars Of Satan Emulates The Seven Ruachim Of YAHWEH - Part4

07-31-10 Out Of The Kingdom Of Darkness Produces Seven Abomination - Part5

08-07-10 The Rise Of The Prince Of The Air Deceives By Sorceries - Part 6

08-14-10 Satan Kingdom The Rise And Fall - Part 7

08-21-10 Satan Kingdom The Rise And Fall of America - Part 8

08-28-10 The Kingdom Power Sons Of Belial Treacherous Mindset - Part9

09-04-10 The Sons Of Belial The Kingdom Power Of HA Satan - Part10

09-11-10 The Voice Of The Prophet Declares HaSatan Conceits The White Mind - Part 1

09-18-10 The Kingdom Of Truth And Kingdom Of Lies The White  Mind - Part 2

Fall Feast Of YAHWEH

09-18-10 Destroying The Flesh That YAHSHUA May Restore The Old Paths
by Deacon Horne - Day Of Atonement

09-23-10 The Old Path where it is Tov
by Deacon Horne - Sukkoth

09-27-10 The Restoration Of The Nation YisraYah
by Deacon Horne - Sukkoth

09-28-10 The Warrior Restore YisraYah With Understanding
by Pastor Roberts - Sukkoth   CD1  CD2

09-30-10 YAHWEH HE Is Going To Do The Restoring
by Pastor Lewis - Sukkoth   CD1  CD2

10-02-10 The Restoration Of Yisrael Sight To Understanding Scriptures
by Pastor Roberts - Sukkoth   CD1  CD2

End of the feasts

10-09-10 The Deception Of The Kingdom Of Darkness Signs Lying Wonders

10-16-10 The Death Appointment Then Judgment

10-20-10 The Journey To The Path Of YAHWEH's Way - Part 1
CD1   CD2

10-27-10 The Journey To The Path Of YAHWEH's Way - Part 2
CD 1   CD2 

11-03-10 The Journey To The Path Of YAHWEH's Way - Part 3

10-23-10 The Faint Of Heart - Part 1

10-30-10 The Faint Of Heart - Part 2

11-06-10 The Davvay Mind The Faint of Heart - Part 3
CD1   CD2

11-13-10 The Davvay Mind The Faint of Heart - Part 4
CD1   CD2

11-20-10 The Fullers And The Washing
by Deacon Horne   CD1   CD2

11-24-10 The Cleansing Of YAHWEH Tawhore
CD1   CD2

11-27-10 YAHWEH Proves Tries Yisreal That They May Live

 CD1   CD2

12-01-10 Yisrael Is Dirty People Against YAHWEH
CD1   CD2

12-04-10 The Conceipts Of The Lies Of Love Taught By The Harlot - Part 1 Love
CD1   CD2 

12-11-10 The Conceipts Of The Lies Of Love Taught By The Harlot - Part 2 Love
CD1   CD2 

12-08-10 Few Men There Be Left
CD1   CD2 

12-15-10 The Prayer Palal Of YAHWEH - Part 1 Payer
CD1   CD2

12-18-10 Inordinate Love Or Affection - Part 3 Love
CD1   CD2

12-22-10 The Unclean Serpent Spirit That Hinders Our Palal Prayer - Part 2 Payer
CD1   CD2

12-25-10 The Ahava Love Of YAHWEH - Part 4 Love
CD1   CD2

01-01-11 The Root Of The Love Of YAHWEH - Part 5 Love
CD1   CD2

12-29-10 The Reminding Of YAHWEH Forget Not The Torah - Part 1
by Deacon Horne   CD1   CD2