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The Mouth Of A Righteous Man Is A Well Of Life

by Raah Dawid YisraYah

MISHLE - PROVERBS 10:11The mouth of a righteous man is a well of life: but violence {khaw-mawce' false, injustice, wrong, cruelty} covers the mouth of the wicked {raw-shaw'}.

MISHLE - PROVERBS 13:5 A righteous {tsad-deek' in conduct and character, justified and vindicated by YHWH} man hates {saw-nay'} lying: but a wicked man is loathsome {baw-ash' have a bad smell, stink, smell bad, to stink, emit a stinking odor}, and comes to shame.

MISHLE - PROVERBS 25:26 A righteous {tsad-deek'} man falling down before the wicked {raw-shaw'} is as a troubled  fountain {mah-yawn'}, and a corrupt {shaw-khath'} spring.

SIRACH 27:11 The talk of the righteous man is always with wisdom; but the fool changes as the moon.
SIRACH 27:12 If you be among stupid people watch for a chance to leave; but among men of understanding stay on.
SIRACH 27:13 The talk of fools is offensive, and their sporting laughter is wantonly sinful.

SIRACH 37:10 Do not consult the one who looks at you suspiciously; hide your counsel from those who are jealous and envious of you.
SIRACH 37:11 Do not consult with a woman about her rival, or with a coward about war, with a merchant about barter, or with a buyer about selling, with a grudging man about gratitude, or with a merciless man about kindness, with an idler about any work or with a man hired for a year about completing his work, with a lazy servant about a big task -- pay no attention to these in any matter of counsel.
SIRACH 37:12 But stay constantly with a righteous man whom you know to be a keeper of the commandments of YHWH, whose soul is in accord with your soul, and who will sorrow with you if you fail.
SIRACH 37:13 And establish the counsel of your own heart, for no one is more faithful to you than it is.
SIRACH 37:14 For a man's soul sometimes keeps him better informed than seven watchmen sitting high on a watchtower.
SIRACH 37:15 And above all this pray to the Most High YHWH that HE may direct your way in truth.

MATTITYAHU - MATTHEW 10:41 He that receives a navi in the name of a navi  shall receive a navi 's reward; and he that receives a tzadik man in the name of a tzadik man shall receive a tzadik man's reward.