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Constitution Of Marriage Established By YAHWEH

Pastor Roberts goes into great detail on what is the true constitution of Marriage established by YAHWEH. He also goes into the the role of a wise woman and how she must take care of the house and the children.

What Constitute a Marriage of YAHWEH

Pastor Roberts lays down the first part of the series of sermons "What Constitute a Marriage of YAHWEH"

What Is a Marriage

A sermon preached by Pastor Roberts on what is a marriage and the role of the wife

The Nature of a Wise Woman

The very nature of a wise woman, she builds her house upon Truth up and strengthens her man takes care of her children

What Is A Marriage Finale

Pastor Roberts concludes the series on what is a Marriage constituted of?

True Marriage under YAHWEH and YAHSHUA

As  in a marriage relationship, when we break our vow and are unfaithful and cause a separation by our wickedness it causes a rift and the husband and wife cease to live together. Yahshua and the body of believers have a marriage covenant, but a separation has occurred by our iniquity.

Role Of The Husband And Of The Wife

For a marriage to work there need to be certain things in place. The first is that the husband need to understand that he is the head or the one in authority. Second is that the wife is under the headship of her man and her strength come from him. The more she strengthens her husband the stronger she will be. She is able to take his strength as well by her words and usurping her authority over him and disobedience to him causing great wounds and scars in their relationship. Like wise the man can also cause them. 

When a wife submits to her husband and his authority there is great shalom and strength in the relationship and nothing will cause a devision between them. There will be a great faithfulness and a strong love between them that they can face anything.