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Shamah Yisrael Voice Of Victory Broadcast

Pastor David Roberts prepares for Shamah YisraelShamah(Sh'ma) Yisrael is a Weekly broadcast by Pastor Roberts on the eve of the Shabbat (Friday eve) at 8:00pm until. You can listen to the broadcast through these links.  

You can listen to him live on the links below for Shamah Yisrael on Friday at 8:00pm EST. Shabbat Shalom.

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For all looking for the messages that I talked on Hell, they were preached in 2007 and you can find them here.

A good place to start for the sermon message on marriage is here.

Shamah Yisrayah Video's

Video's from Pastor Roberts Shamah Yisrayah Broadcast every Shabbat eve on various topics and of current news in relationship the the Scriptures and prophecies.

2011 Shamah Yisrael Downloads and Listen

A place where you can download and listen to the MP3 podcast of all the 2011 Shamah YisraYah Broadcasts brought to you by Pastor Roberts.

2009 & 2010 Shamah Yisrael Download & Listen

Download page for all the Shamah Yisrael Broadcast from "The Voice Of Victory" in MP3 for CD's Podcast and MP3 players.

Brother Alan's Question 04/02/09

Pastor Roberts answers Brother Alan's Question

How Shall One Cleanse Oneself 3/27/09

Pastor Roberts live on Shamah Yisrael program talks from the Scriptures on "How Shall One Cleanse Oneself"

Shamah Yisrael Tassels 03-13-09

Pastor Roberts Shamah Yisrael Broadcast Answers the Question on Tassels

Water Emersion - Baptism 08/07/09

Water Emersion, Baptism is the Burial of the old and Birth to the New.

10-02-09 Boones Death, MacDonald Testimony, Shamah Yisrael

Pastor Roberts announce Elder Boone's Death, and MacDonald shares a powerful testimony about how YAHWEH healed him from lymphoma cancer - Shamah Yisrael Broadcast of 10/02/09

Response to Sister Cobbs Question

Sister Cobbs asks Pastor Roberts a question on Shamah Yisrael "On the prophesies and the change of events that will lead to and after Yahshua comes?"

The Use And Meaning Of Jewels In Scripture

Pastor Roberts goes into various aspects of jewelry in the Scripture and the different Hebrew words used.

What Will Happen In The Last Days - James 5:3?

Pastor Roberts answers Sister Velma question about the Last Days and how we are to live.

Getting Ready For The Feasts

It is a time to prepare for YAHWEH's Feasts

The Yisraelites' Apostasy Foretold

Pastor Roberts brings a timely message on how the Yisraelites' apostasy foretold, a song given to be witness against them when we apostatize from the truth.

The Spiritual Dogs And Spiritual Prostitutes

Pastor Roberts cries aloud against the Spiritual Dogs and Spiritual Prostitutes in this evil world.

The People Instructed How To Observe The Passover

Raah Dawid gives us a understanding as to the Pesach Feast