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Shamah Yisrayah Video's

Pastor David Roberts is live on Shabbat eve from 8:00pm to 10:00 pm EST. He has live call-ins on 843-658-6222, so you are invited to come and be part of his broadcast and share what is on your heart. Please endeavor to keep the unity of the faith.

The Spiritual Dogs And Prostitutes

Pastor Roberts, Raah Dawid YisraYah brings a timely message on As the Spiritual dog turns back his own vomit again and the Spiritual prostitutes that are in the churches.

Video of The Yisraelites' Apostasy Foretold

This is the video of Shamah YisraYah with Pastor Roberts with a message "The Yisraelites' Apostasy Foretold" and with live call-ins broadcast from the 01/21/2011