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They that are lead by the Ruach are the Sons of YAHWEH

The Table Of Truth 


Deacon Horne and WifeZakane Yarameyah and the Elders at Tshuwah Hebrew Community will feed you from "The Table Of Truth". Come and be with us as we feed you the "Bread Of Life - YAHSHUA" to strengthen you to be able to stand in this last hour, the final four watches of the night. Come in to the Upper-room with prayer, and seeking the TRUTH with all your heart (lev) so that you may be found among the Kidushim (saints).

May this be a blessing to your heart and that it will help you build a sure foundation on YAHSHUA, and that the "steps of Life" will not crumble nor your Menorah lamps go out in the Great tribulation.

YAHWEH has given us a pure golden Menorah full of oil, but it is up to us to get the second portion of oil that will keep our Menorah lamps burning till the morning when YAHSHUA is coming. He said to us to work out our yeshua (salvation) with fear and trembling PHILIPPIANS 2:12. 

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