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Events And Upcoming 2017 Meetings

2017 Upcoming Pesach - Passover Events for YAHWEH's Congregation

2017 Feasts Days

We will celebrate the 2017 feasts this year with the first feast of Pesach with Zakane David Johnson in Jefferson. Then all the feasts will be here at Tshuwah Victory Hebrew Community where Raah Dawid and Zakane Yarameyah will oversee the proceedings.

Pesach 2017 Passover and the Feast Of Unleavened Bread

The Feast of Pesach 2017 Passover  - is from the  April 12th Wednesday eve, with the High Shabbat on the 13th. There will be 2 services, the first on Wednesday eve where we will have the communion and foot washing, then the main service on Thursday at 11 A.M EST. This will all take place at Jefferson South Carolina, Tshuwah Hebrew Comunity (Victory Community) if you intend to come and be with us for the important feast of Pesach, contact Raah Dawid or Zakane Yarameyah. The closing service will be here at Victory Community on April 19th, 2017 @ 11:00 AM EST. All services will be live on YouTube / YAHWEH's Sword websites.


There will be a program of the 2017 Pesach feast, keep watch for further details.