No Pagan Holiday and No Pagan Celebrations

Man's traditions feed this trash into the minds of children. It is not the actual thing that they are doing, it is the fact that they open up their hearts to every vile unclean spirit that Satan intends to impart into them. That is why we must behold YAHWEH and set our affections on things that are above so that will open up unto us those spiritual gifts that we need in this hour. You can say that your affection has been set upon HIM, I pray that each will judge the motive and intent of their own hearts!! When a man's affection is on YAHWEH, his life will be consumed by HIM and his desire above all things is to please HIM. If a man's heart is pure and sincere he will love YAHWEH with all his heart, soul, mind and strength.

Easter-Sax, easter; G. ostern; supposed to be from Eostre, the goddess of love or Venus of the north, in honor of whom a festival was celebrated by our pagan ancestors, in April. (Strong's Concordance Greek#3957) This refers to the pagan festival of Astarte also known as "Ishtar" and pronounced as Easter by us. This festival was held in late April around the time of the Passover. In its original form, a celebration of the earth's "regenerating" itself after the winter season. The festival involved the celebration of reproduction. The common symbols of Easter were the rabbit and the egg (for obvious reasons). Astarte was the main female deity and is known in the Bible as the "Queen of Heaven", YirmeYah. 7:18, 44:17-25. She is the mother of Tammuz (Eze. 8:14) who was also her husband. These perverted rituals take place at sunrise on Easter morning. (Eze. 8:13-16). The key to understanding Acts 12:4 is in the previous verse. It was in the "days of unleavened bread". The Passover was the feast before the days of unleavened bread so this word does not refer to the Passover but some event after the Passover. Herodes was not a Jew, and could care less about the Passover. However, it is quite likely he kept Easter, and wanted to slay James to add a little interest to his feast day. (Editor's note: We are unable to confirm or deny the accuracy of the explanation concerning the use of the word Easter in Acts 12:4.) (Note: Easter is not the same as Passover, and it is a pagan holidays you see from above, and should not be used in Acts 12:4. This is a translator error and not in the original text.)

Christmas -December 25 was the date of a pagan festival in Rome, chosen in A.D. by the emperor Aurelian as the birthday of the unconquered sun (natalis solis invicti), which at the winter solstice begins again to show an increase of light. At some point before 336 A.D. the church at Rome established the commemoration of the birth of "Christ", the sun of righteousness, on this same date. (Encyclopaedia Britannica 1968 Vol.5)

Halloween-Since November ushers in the darkest and most barren half of the year, this autumnal festival acquired sinister significance, with ghosts, witches, hobgoblins, fairies and demons of all kinds roaming abroad. (Encyclopaedia Britannica 1968 Vol.11) 

Valentine-This festival is connected to the pagan Roman festival of the Lupercalia, which took place in the middle of February.

Thanksgiving-This festival began as a celebration of the blessings of the past year, although now it has become a time of commercialism, excess, drunkenness, folly and foolishness. The scripture tells us in Tehillim (Psalms) 100: 4 " Enter into YAHWEH's gates with thanksgiving, and into HIS courts with praise: be thankful unto HIM, and bless HIS name."

St. Patrick's Day, Father's or Mother's Day, Columbus Day, President's Day, New Year's, Labor Day, ANY BIRTHDAYS or ANNIVERSARIES
These days do not exalt or commemorate YAHWEH's NAME. 

For thou shalt worship no other god:
for YAHWEH, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous El:
Shemoth (Exodus) 34:14 "

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