Yacob's sorrow at the absence of Simeon; Refuses to let Benjamin go. But when he and his Household become pinched with hunger, Yahudah pleads for Benjamin. Tells his Father of the great splendor and Authority of the Governor of Egypt and offers himself as Security for his Younger Brother. Yacob consents and sends his Sons again to Egypt with a conciliatory Letter and Present to the Governor.

1 And they entered their house, and every man opened his sack and they saw and behold every man's bundle of money was there, at which they and their father were greatly terrified.

2 And Yacob said unto them, What is this that you have done to me? I sent your brother Yoseph to inquire after your welfare and you said unto me. A wild beast did devour him.

3 And Simeon went with you to buy food and you say the king of Egypt hath confined him in prison, and you wish to take Benjamin to cause his death also, and bring down my grey hairs with sorrow to the grave on account of Benjamin and his brother Yoseph.

4 Now therefore my son shall not go down with you, for his brother is dead and he is left alone, and mischief may befall him by the way in which you go, as it befell his brother.

5 And Reuben said unto his father, You shalt slay my two sons if I do not bring your son and place him before you; and Yacob said unto his sons, Abide ye here and do not go down to Egypt, for my son shall not go down with you to Egypt, nor die like his brother.

6 And Yahudah said unto them, refrain ye from him until the corn is finished, and he will then say, Take down your brother, when he will find his own life and the life of his household in danger from the famine.

7 And in those days the famine was sore throughout the land, and all the people of the earth went and came to Egypt to buy food, for the famine prevailed greatly among them, and the sons of Yacob remained in Canaan a year and two months until their corn was finished.

8 And it came to pass after their corn was finished, the whole household of Yacob was pinched with hunger, and all the infants of the sons of Yacob came together and they approached Yacob, and they all surrounded him, and they said unto him, Give unto us bread, and wherefore shall we all perish through hunger in your presence?

9 Yacob heard the words of his son's children, and he wept a great weeping, and his pity was roused for them, and Yacob called unto his sons and they all came and sat before him.

10 And Yacob said unto them, And have you not seen how your children have been weeping over me this day, saying, Give unto us bread, and there is none? now therefore return and buy for us a little food.

11 And Yahudah answered and said unto his father, If you wilt send our brother with us we will go down and buy corn for you, and if you wilt not send him then we will not go down, for surely the king of Egypt particularly enjoined us, saying, You shall not see my face unless your brother be with you, for the king of Egypt is a strong and mighty king, and behold if we shall go to him without our brother we shall all be put to death.

12 Did you not know and have you not heard that this king is very powerful and wise, and there is not like unto him in all the earth? behold we have seen all the kings of the earth and we have not seen one like that king, the king of Egypt; surely among all the kings of the earth there is none greater than Abimelech king of the Philistines, yet the king of Egypt is greater and mightier than he, and Abimelech can only be compared to one of his officers.

13 Father, you have not seen his palace and his throne, and all his servants standing before him; you have not seen that king upon his throne in his pomp and royal appearance, dressed in his kingly robes with a large golden crown upon his head; you have not seen the honor and splendor which YAHWEH has given unto him, for there is not like unto him in all the earth.

14 Father, you have not seen the wisdom, the understanding and the knowledge which YAHWEH has given in his heart, nor heard his sweet voice when he spake unto us.

15 We know not, father, who made him acquainted with our names and all that befell us, yet he asked also after you, saying, Is your father still living, and is it well with him?

16 You have not seen the affairs of the government of Egypt regulated by him, without inquiring of Pharaoh his lord; you have not seen the awe and fear which he impressed upon all the Egyptians.

17 And also when we went from him, we threatened to do unto Egypt like unto the rest of the cities of the Amorites, and we were exceedingly wroth against all his words which he spoke concerning us as spies, and now when we shall again come before him his terror will fall upon us all, and not one of us will be able to speak to him either a little or a great thing.

18 Now therefore father, send we pray you the lad with us, and we will go down and buy you food for our support, and not die through hunger. And Yacob said, Why have you dealt so ill with me to tell the king you had a brother? what is this thing that you have done unto me?

19 And Yahudah said unto Yacob his father, Give the lad into my care and we will rise up and go down to Egypt and buy corn, and then return, and it shall be when we return if the lad be not with us, then let me bear your blame forever.

20 Have you seen all our infants weeping over you through hunger and there is no power in your hand to satisfy them? now let your pity be roused for them and send our brother with us and we will go.

21 For how will YAHWEH's kindness to our ancestors be manifested to you when you say that the king of Egypt will take away your son? as YAHWEH lives I will not leave him until I bring him and place him before you; but pray for us unto YAHWEH, that he may deal kindly with us, to cause us to be received favorably and kindly before the king of Egypt and his men, for had we not delayed surely now we had returned a second time with your son.

22 And Yacob said unto his sons, I trust in YAHWEH the Elohim that he may deliver you and give you favor in the sight of the king of Egypt, and in the sight of all his men.

23 Now therefore rise up and go to the man, and take for him in your hands a present from what can be obtained in the land and bring it before him, and may the Almighty YAHWEH give you mercy before him that he may send Benjamin and Simeon your brethren with you.

24 And all the men rose up, and they took their brother Benjamin, and they took in their hands a large present of the best of the land, and they also took a double portion of silver.

25 And Yacob strictly commanded his sons concerning Benjamin, Saying, Take heed of him in the way in which you are going, and do not separate yourselves from him in the road, neither in Egypt.

26 And Yacob rose up from his sons and spread forth his hands and he prayed unto YAHWEH on account of his sons, saying, O YAHWEH the Elohim of heaven and earth, remember your covenant with our father Abraham, remember it with my father Isaac and deal kindly with my sons and deliver them not into the hands of the king of Egypt; do it I pray you O YAHWEH for the sake of your mercies and redeem all my children and rescue them from Egyptian power, and send them their two brothers.

27 And all the wives of the sons of Yacob and their children lifted up their eyes to heaven and they all wept before YAHWEH, and cried unto him to deliver their fathers from the hand of the king of Egypt.

28 And Yacob wrote a record to the king of Egypt and gave it into the hand of Yahudah and into the hands of his sons for the king of Egypt, saying,

29 From your servant Yacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham the Hebrew, the prince of YAHWEH, to the powerful and wise king, the revealer of secrets, king of Egypt, greeting.

30 Be it known to my lord the king of Egypt, the famine was sore upon us in the land of Canaan, and I sent my sons to you to buy us a little food from you for our support.

31 For my sons surrounded me and I being very old cannot see with my eyes, for my eyes have become very heavy through age, as well as with daily weeping for my son, for Yoseph who was lost from before me, and I commanded my sons that they should not enter the gates of the city when they came to Egypt, on account of the inhabitants of the land.

32 And I also commanded them to go about Egypt to seek for my son Yoseph, perhaps they might find him there, and they did so, and you did consider them as spies of the land.

33 Have we not heard concerning you that you did interpret Pharaoh's dream and did speak truly unto him? how then did you not know in your wisdom whether my sons are spies or not?

34 Now therefore, my lord and king, behold I have sent my son before you, as you did speak unto my sons; I beseech you to put your eyes upon him until he is returned to me in peace with his brethren.

35 For did you not know, or have you not heard that which our YAHWEH did unto Pharaoh when he took my mother Sarah, and what he did unto Abimelech king of the Philistines on account of her, and also what our father Abraham did unto the nine kings of Elam, how he smote them all with a few men that were with him?

36 And also what my two sons Simeon and Levi did unto the eight cities of the Amorites, how they destroyed them on account of their sister Dinah?

37 And also on account of their brother Benjamin they consoled themselves for the loss of his brother Yoseph; what will they then do for him when they see the hand of any people prevailing over them, for his sake?

38 Did you not know, O king of Egypt, that the power of YAHWEH is with us, and that also YAHWEH ever hears our prayers and forsakes us not all the days?

39 And when my sons told me of your dealings with them, I called not unto YAHWEH on account of you, for then you would have perished with your men before my son Benjamin came before you, but I thought that as Simeon my son was in your house, perhaps you mightest deal kindly with him, therefore I did not this thing unto you.

40 Now therefore behold Benjamin my son comes unto you with my sons, take heed of him and put your eyes upon him, and then will YAHWEH place his eyes over you and throughout your kingdom.

41 Now I have told you all that is in my heart, and behold my sons are coming to you with their brother, examine the face of the whole earth for their sake and send them back in peace with their brethren.

42 And Yacob gave the record to his sons into the care of Yahudah to give it unto the king of Egypt.

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