YAHWEH commands Yacob to go down to Egypt, where He will make him a Great Nation. Yoseph and all Egypt go to meet Yacob to do him Honor when he arrives. The Land of Goshen is given to him and his Children.

1 And it came to pass after this that Yacob said, I will go and see my son in Egypt and will then come back to the land of Canaan of which YAHWEH had spoken unto Abraham, for I cannot leave the land of my birth-place.

2 Behold the word of YAHWEH came unto him, saying, Go down to Egypt with all your household and remain there, fear not to go down to Egypt for I will there make you a great nation.

3 And Yacob said within himself, I will go and see my son whether the fear of his YAHWEH is yet in his heart amidst all the inhabitants of Egypt.

4 And YAHWEH said unto Yacob, Fear not about Yoseph, for he still retains his integrity to serve me, as will seem good in your sight, and Yacob rejoiced exceedingly concerning his son.

5 At that time Yacob commanded his sons and household to go to Egypt according to the word of YAHWEH unto him, and Yacob rose up with his sons and all his household, and he went out from the land of Canaan from Beersheba, with joy and gladness of heart, and they went to the land of Egypt.

6 And it came to pass when they came near Egypt, Yacob sent Yahudah before him to Yoseph that he might show him a situation in Egypt, and Yahudah did according to the word of his father, and he hastened and ran and came to Yoseph, and they assigned for them a place in the land of Goshen for all his household, and Yahudah returned and came along the road to his father.

7 And Yoseph harnessed the chariot, and he assembled all his mighty men and his servants and all the officers of Egypt in order to go and meet his father Yacob, and Yoseph's mandate was proclaimed in Egypt, saying, All that do not go to meet Yacob shall die.

8 And on the next day Yoseph went forth with all Egypt a great and mighty host, all dressed in garments of fine linen and purple and with instruments of silver and gold and with their instruments of war with them.

9 And they all went to meet Yacob with all sorts of musical instruments, with drums and timbrels, strewing myrrh and aloes all along the road, and they all went after this fashion, and the earth shook at their shouting.

10 And all the women of Egypt went upon the roofs of Egypt and upon the walls to meet Yacob, and upon the head of Yoseph was Pharaoh's regal crown, for Pharaoh had sent it unto him to put on at the time of his going to meet his father.

11 And when Yoseph came within fifty cubits of his father, he alighted from the chariot and he walked toward his father, and when all the officers of Egypt and her nobles saw that Yoseph had gone on foot toward his father, they also alighted and walked on foot toward Yacob.

12 And when Yacob approached the camp of Yoseph, Yacob observed the camp that was coming toward him with Yoseph, and it gratified him and Yacob was astonished at it.

13 And Yacob said unto Yahudah, Who is that man whom I see in the camp of Egypt dressed in kingly robes with a very red garment upon him and a royal crown upon his head, who has alighted from his chariot and is coming toward us? and Yahudah answered his father, saying, He is your son Yoseph the king; and Yacob rejoiced in seeing the splendor of his son.

14 And Yoseph came nigh unto his father and he bowed to his father, and all the men of the camp bowed to the ground with him before Yacob.

15 And behold Yacob ran and hastened to his son Yoseph and fell upon his neck and kissed him, and they wept, and Yoseph also embraced his father and kissed him, and they wept and all the people of Egypt wept with them.

16 And Yacob said unto Yoseph, Now I will die cheerfully after I have seen your face, that you are still living and with splendor.

17 And the sons of Yacob and their wives and their children and their servants, and all the household of Yacob wept exceedingly with Yoseph, and they kissed him and wept greatly with him.

18 And Yoseph and all his people returned afterward home to Egypt, and Yacob and his sons and all the children of his household came with Yoseph to Egypt, and Yoseph placed them in the best part of Egypt, in the land of Goshen.

19 And Yoseph said unto his father and unto his brethren, I will go up and tell Pharaoh, saying, My brethren and my father's household and all belonging to them have come unto me, and behold they are in the land of Goshen.

20 And Yoseph did so and took from his brethren Reuben, Issachar Zebulun and his brother Benjamin and he placed them before Pharaoh.

21 And Yoseph spoke unto Pharaoh, saying, My brethren and my father's household and all belonging to them, together with their flocks and cattle have come unto me from the land of Canaan, to sojourn in Egypt; for the famine was sore upon them.

22 And Pharaoh said unto Yoseph, Place your father and brethren in the best part of the land, withhold not from them all that is good, and cause them to eat of the fat of the land.

23 And Yoseph answered, saying, Behold I have stationed them in the land of Goshen, for they are shepherds, therefore let them remain in Goshen to feed their flocks apart from the Egyptians.

24 And Pharaoh said unto Yoseph, Do with your brethren all that they shall say unto you; and the sons of Yacob bowed down to Pharaoh, and they went forth from him in peace, and Yoseph afterward brought his father before Pharaoh.

25 And Yacob came and bowed down to Pharaoh, and Yacob blessed Pharaoh, and he then went out; and Yacob and all his sons, and all his household dwelt in the land of Goshen.

26 In the second year, that is in the hundred and thirtieth year of the life of Yacob, Yoseph maintained his father and his brethren, and all his father's household, with bread according to their little ones, all the days of the famine; they lacked nothing.

27 And Yoseph gave unto them the best part of the whole land; the best of Egypt had they all the days of Yoseph; and Yoseph also gave unto them and unto the whole of his father's household, clothes and garments year by year; and the sons of Yacob remained securely in Egypt all the days of their brother.

28 And Yacob always ate at Yoseph's table, Yacob and his sons did not leave Yoseph's table day or night, besides what Yacob's children consumed in their houses.

29 And all Egypt ate bread during the days of the famine from the house of Yoseph, for all the Egyptians sold all belonging to them on account of the famine.

30 And Yoseph purchased all the lands and fields of Egypt for bread on the account of Pharaoh, and Yoseph supplied all Egypt with bread all the days of the famine, and Yoseph collected all the silver and gold that came unto him for the corn which they bought throughout the land, and he accumulated much gold and silver, besides an immense quantity of onyx stones, bdellium and valuable garments which they brought unto Yoseph from every part of the land when their money was spent.

31 And Yoseph took all the silver and gold that came into his hand, about seventy two talents of gold and silver, and also onyx stones and bdellium in great abundance, and Yoseph went and concealed them in four parts, and he concealed one part in the wilderness near the Red sea, and one part by the river Perath, and the third and fourth part he concealed in the desert opposite to the wilderness of Persia and Media.

32 And he took part of the gold and silver that was left, and gave it unto all his brothers and unto all his father's household, and unto all the women of his father's household, and the rest he brought to the house of Pharaoh, about twenty talents of gold and silver.

33 And Yoseph gave all the gold and silver that was left unto Pharaoh, and Pharaoh placed it in the treasury, and the days of the famine ceased after that in the land, and they sowed and reaped in the whole land, and they obtained their usual quantity year by year; they lacked nothing.

34 And Yoseph dwelt securely in Egypt, and the whole land was under his advice, and his father and all his brethren dwelt in the land of Goshen and took possession of it.

35 And Yacob was very aged, advanced in days, and his two grand sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, remained constantly in the house of Yacob, together with the children of the sons of Yacob their brethren, to learn the ways of YAHWEH and his law.

36 And Yacob and his sons dwelt in the land of Egypt in the land of Goshen, and they took possession in it, and they were fruitful and multiplied in it.

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