YAHWEH is The One We Serve:
Who Is The god You Serve?

For all people will walk every one in the name of his god,
and we will walk in the NAME of YAHWEH our ABBA (FATHER)
for ever and ever.

In the past in our ignorance we have been taught that the titles god, lord and Jehovah were sufficient things to call our ABBA (FATHER). The time is at hand and is even at the door that we are entering into a critical time. YAHWEH is trying to bring HIS people, as HE did with Moshe, out of the land of Egypt. In order to be prepared for the changes that will be required in our thinking, our acts and our spiritual being we must know assuredly, beyond a shadow of doubt WHO is the ONE that we call upon for our deliverance.

Not Just Another Source For Documentation

We do not want to be just another source for documentation for proof of the great NAME of our ABBA, but rather a spiritual guide to the understanding of how important the beloved NAME of ABBA YAHWEH is to HIS people. So for all the ones who desire written documentation we will present a separate page of references and source information. (The One And True ABBA YAHWEH)

Is Your Rose As Sweet By Any Other Name?

Shemoth (Exodus) 34:14 "For you shall worship no other god: for YAHWEH, whose  Name is Jealous, is a jealous ABBA:" The name of the one that we worship is the key to understanding all aspects of that worship. The old adage "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" is a lie. You that are married would you want your spouse to call you by an old sweetheart's name? Unless you know the NAME of this ONE you worship, serve and love, how do you call on HIM when you need HIM?

You Are Taking Away And
Robbing YAHWEH Of HIS Identity

Yahchanan (John) 8:32 "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." There are many documents that we could present to confirm the NAME of the ALMIGHTY ABBA YAHWEH, yet many think that it is too late to change. It is not too late and it is wrong if we do not go back to our ABBA's true NAME of YAHWEH. If you have the knowledge of this truth and you do not use it then you are taking away and robbing HIM of HIS identity. The only way that you are going to know the power and understanding of the ABBA is by knowing HIS NAME YAHWEH.  

Distinguish And Separate YAHWEH From All Other Objects Of Worship

A name identifies what a thing or person is, for a name separates from all others in that it clarifies exactly what or who it is. The name of people through the ages has personified the character, attitude and to some extent even the looks of one. All will agree that the ONE we per say, put upon a pedestal or esteem is not common, ordinary or plain, so then why would we serve and worship one that has the same name as all other gods? Does it not by logic seem that the creator of all things would be special and unique even in HIS NAME? You know that Allah means god, Buddha is a god, and men even make gods of animals, food, and material things! Every religion worships something or someone: Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Catholicism, Shinto, Judaism, Baha'i, Confucianism. The ONE we serve has the most lovely and the most powerful NAME ever known, YAHWEH. 

Truth That Has Been Hidden In The Scriptures

You can go to any dictionary, encyclopedia or biblical reference and look up YHWH, pronounced YAHWEH to see the truth that has been hidden in the scriptures. Now that the wondrous light is being directed to HIS true NAME, just to receive the truth of it brings such enlightenment and joy to many of the things that were old or dead to us. Think of just the scriptures that refer to a new thing, for that is exactly what YAHWEH has done with HIS NAME. We held on to our faith of the ONE that would deliver and HE, true as always to HIS word has DELIVERED! 

Keep HIS Precious NAME From The Wicked Generations

YAHWEH is the ONE that ordains and directs the paths of men and HE is the ONE that has kept HIS precious NAME from the wicked generations that would pollute it. We see today how man uses the name of god as god d-mn,  jesus christ in profanity for nothing is sacred to the vile ones that use the name of the one they worship with such carelessness. The Word of YAHWEH speaks of reverence, honour, love, considering, taking heed, yet we as men continue on in our unmerited favor that HE has shown to us giving HIM no respect at all. 

Try To Say YAHWEH And See How The Flesh Does Not Like It

If we could share only one thought with you it would be this; for one day, one hour, or in only one conversation intentionally try to say YAHWEH. It will show you how the other word has become so common to you that you do not even realize how much you say it. Without any thought at all you use the word repeatedly without fear or reverence. When you truly worship something, the thoughts of it will bring such delight to your heart that just the mere mention of it's name changes you inside and out. How can you say that your god is the mighty one when the name is used by every thing on earth that has knowledge of just the word, not it's power or even it's meaning?

The ONE we serve has the most lovely
and the most powerful NAME ever known. 
YAHWEH was, is and never changes!

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