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A list of all the most resent Video's produced  by Yahweh's Sword. They are on a wide topic of subjects from , teachings on many subjects, sermon messages, and Shamah YisraYah Broadcasts. For all the following videos can be found  here at All Shamah YisraYah Videos, all Sermon message videos and the all feasts videos. This is a short list of the latest videos posted on YAHWEH Sword website.

The Cooking Preacher - Barbecue Chicken Wings and Ribs

Raah Dawid YisraYah The Cooking Preacher cooking up a storm on the grill with Barbecue Chicken Wings and Ribs.

Yisrael Must Return To YAHWEH - Video

Deacon Horne brings a timely message on how Yisrael must return to the Place "The Garden Of YAHWEH" and choose life and cleave to HIM. We most understand that we are a people a nation that is out of the place, position, that almighty Yah wants, desires us to be. Let’s look at it this way. The Garden of Eden, was an example of the nation that Yah desires. The fruit perfect in every dimension taste, shape, and plenteous. Not only that there where fruit of every shape, size, and color. Then look at what happened. Man sinned and was cast out of the place, the property, the Garden Of Eden.

The Integrates and Elements of True Prayer - Video

Video of Pastor David Roberts preaching the integrates and elements Of True Prayer based on the prayer in Matthew 6:9 After this manner therefore pray you: our Abba who is in the shamayim, kadosh is your name. All set-apart and acceptable prayers must acknowledge and reverence Yahweh's true Name. That’s what Yahshua did when He prayed to YAHWEH.

What Is A Strong Man? What Is A Geber Man?

On Keetvay Emet, Raah Dawid YisraYah asks the question, What Is A Strong Man? In his reply to his question he give us understanding to what is a strong geber man.

The Truth - What Is It?

The importance of the Truth in Torah Hokmah; Teaching the skills of Spiritual Warfare with shrewdness, prudence, and the knowledge how to utilize the Skills of YHWH in YAHSHUA. the ability to discern the revealed Truth.

Train Up Your Children In The Torah Of Love Video

A video of the complete sermon preached by Pastor Roberts on how we are to train up our Children in the Torah of Love. We have fallen very short in this.

The Torah Of Prayer - The Power Of Prayer Video

Pastor Roberts video on a message on the power of prayer according to the Torah and how Abimelech represent YisraYah their state of unfruitfulness, but by Prayer. We must start by acknowledging and reverencing His true Name YAHWEH.

The Spiritual Dogs And Prostitutes

Pastor Roberts, Raah Dawid YisraYah brings a timely message on As the Spiritual dog turns back his own vomit again and the Spiritual prostitutes that are in the churches.

Shamah Yisrayah Video's

Video's from Pastor Roberts Shamah Yisrayah Broadcast every Shabbat eve on various topics and of current news in relationship the the Scriptures and prophecies.

The Dirty Bastards Mixed Mindset, No Love For YAHWEH

The entire video of the sermon message Pastor Roberts preached on the 01/22/2011 called The Dirty Bastards Mixed Mindset, They have no Love for YAHWEH.

Video of The Yisraelites' Apostasy Foretold

This is the video of Shamah YisraYah with Pastor Roberts with a message "The Yisraelites' Apostasy Foretold" and with live call-ins broadcast from the 01/21/2011

Solomon's Prayer Tphillah Video

A video by Pastor Roberts. He take the sermon from the prayer of Solomon and the dedication of the House of YAHWEH which he built. He give us more instruction on how we are to pray ond lift up our hands to YAHWEH and worship HIM.

The Care Of True Love One For Another

Pastor Roberts goes into detail of the true care of love one fore another and that we must have the fruit of the Ruach (spirit).